PLUS Post® -110mm x 110mm

Steel Reinforced – Fully Insulated – Drivable – Recycled Plastic – Inline post – 110mm x 110mm

PLUS Post – Made in the bush for Australian farmers from farm plastics.

Plastic Forests solid 110mm x 110mm PLUS Posts have a steel-reinforced core for strength, are drivable and long lasting – guaranteed not to rot, split or rust. The posts are fully insulated (so do not need additional insulators), low maintenance and come with pre-drilled holes, for cost effective and time saving installation. PLUS Posts are ideal for use as an inline post, instead of steel pipes, timber or concrete posts. Plus, they’re made in Australia from 100% recycled plastic (including silage wrap!) so they’re great for the planet.

For a stylish and  durable black fence, PLUS Posts may also be combined with our square pickets or droppers for a range of fencing solutions. All our fence posts are UV stabilised, waterproof and perfect for swampy, acidic or saline soils.

Plastic Forests’ entire fence post range comprising PLUS Posts, square pickets and droppers come complete with matching pre-drilled holes (to your choice) and require NO additional insulators. Not only will our posts outlast timber posts many times over, the time-wasting search for electrical short circuits is eliminated forever, as the entire plastic post is the isolator!

Plastic Forests PLUS Posts are packed with features:

  • Steel-reinforced core for strength – with Australian made steel
  • 14 x 7mm holes
  • Fully insulated post for easy electrification of any or all wires
  • Drivable point for fast installation
  • Durable – will not rot, split or rust
  • Save time and money – no purchasing, measuring and installing insulators or locating short circuits, as the whole post is the isolator
  • Low maintenance and repair costs – never needs painting
  • Lightweight and easy to work with
  • Waterproof – ideal for swampy, wet or flood-prone areas
  • Suitable for acidic, alkaline and saline soils
  • Termite proof and bacteria resistant
  • Pre-drilled holes for fast & easy wire installation (optional)
  • Smart and neat appearance – consistent black colour and shape with no untidy clips
  • UV stabilised for long service life
  • 10-year warranty
  • Retained flexibility for less injury to stock and wildlife
  • Highly resistant to shock, breakage and abrasion
  • Affordable now – excellent lifetime value
  • Made from 100% recycled plastics, including farm plastics


  • Simple installation with a standard tractor-mounted post driver (eg Munro, Elgra etc). For soft ground, a portable petrol or pneumatic post driver with an adapter plate or the front end of a bucket loader may be used. In hard or rocky ground, posts require a pre-drilled hole of 90mm (approx.)
  • Easy to work with – can be nailed (using a twist shank nail), screwed, drilled or sawed (with an appropriate blade for cutting steel core).
  • Wires may be attached with a fencing clip (eg Davo’s Fencing Clip) if desired
  • It is recommended that PLUS Posts be installed up to 12m, depending on soil and environmental conditions and/or used with our Square Pickets or Droppers (with matched hole spacings)
  • The PLUS Post  is designed as a line post and must not be used as a strainer post or fence rail. To prevent bowing of posts in the sun before installation, do not leave unstrapped posts lying on the ground.


  • Pre-drilled wire holes for plain wire or attaching mesh
  • Pre-drilled top slot for barbed wire or plain wire
  • Customised hole spacings and hole sizes -5mm – 7mm – 10mm
  • Other colours upon request, with minimum volumes


  • Dimensions: 110mm (w) x 110mm (d) (Nom.)
  • Lengths: 1800mm (10.6kg); 2100mm (12.4kg); 2250mm (13.3kg)
  • Colour: Black
  • 14 x 7mm holes standard
  • Composition: 85% recycled plastic, 10% steel, 5% processing aids and UV stabiliser
  • Australian-made steel core


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Price: $ 43.95
With 14 x 5mm holes - Steel Reinforced – Fully Insulated – Drivable point– Recycled Plastic – Inline post – 110mm x 110mm
Price: $ 51.27
With 14 x 5mm holes - Steel Reinforced – Fully Insulated – Drivable point– Recycled Plastic – Inline post – 110mm x 110mm
Price: $ 54.20
With 14 x 5mm holes - Steel Reinforced – Fully Insulated – Drivable point– Recycled Plastic – Inline post – 110mm x 110mm
Price: $ 17.49
With 14 x 5mm holes - Polymer Mineral Composite - Solid 38mm x 38mm - Drivable point
Price: $ 17.99
With 14 x 5mm holes - Polymer Mineral Composite - Solid 38mm x 38mm - Drivable point
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With the support of the Coles Nurture Fund, Plastic Forests is committed to helping Australian farmers get back to business with our innovative PLUS Post. As a rural business, we share with farmers a love of the land and a desire to take care of our natural environment for future generations. We are proud that our PLUS Post is made with farm plastics, providing a useful, sustainable ‘home’ for this resource, other than burning or burying it.


Recycled Plastic Farm Fence


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