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Soft Plastics From Landfill


With Innovative Dry-Cleaning Technology


Into Sustainable Recycled Plastic Products

Some Of Our Recycled Products

Raised garden bed plastic grey

  Garden Beds

Dark Green Garden Edging

Garden Edging

Fence Posts

Garden Stakes

Garden Stakes

Air Con Mounting Blocks

Air Con Mounting Blocks

Raised Garden Bed

The Sustainable Infrastructure Fund supports local governments and alpine resort management boards to use recycled materials in infrastructure projects until March 2021. The fund is delivered by Sustainability Victoria, on behalf of the Victorian Government. Please contact us to learn more about eligibility to receive funding for our recycled plastic products.

Our Products Are

Long Lasting- Never rust, rot or crack

Made from 100% recycled plastic

Australian Made

Easy DIY

Great Value

Low Maintenance

What Our Customers Are Saying

“ I received my circular garden beds to use for my fruit trees as I have clay soil & planting them in the ground was not an option. They are much cheaper and better quality than anything else I could find on the market. I love they way they look and I love that they are made from 100% recycled plastic – also made in Australia. WHAT A DREAM!! Most of all the customer service is AMAZING. I can’t wait to buy more in all different sizes. Keep up the great work Plastic Forests”


” We received our circular garden beds and absolutely love them. So easy to set up and even better knowing they are made from recycled plastics! ”


” Wonderful product at a good price. Excellent customer service.”


” Great product, looks good and easy to assemble …. very happy!”


About Plastic Forests

Plastic Forests is an award winning Australian company which specialises in manufacturing recycled plastic products, made from used soft plastics. With the closure of Asia to the world’s plastic waste in 2018, we are committed to rescuing soft plastics (such as plastic bags and packaging) from landfill and reprocessing it into our growing range of  recycled plastic products. Consumers, agriculture and industry across Australia generate the huge volumes of soft plastics which are used in our recycled products. We are proud that many of our products also incorporate challenging plastics such as household soft plastics from REDcycle and takeaway coffee cups from the Simply Cups program.

We especially love working with companies to transform their used soft plastics into quality recycled products, which can then be purchased to create a circular economy.

After all, recycling doesn’t work until someone buys a recycled product!

After years of research, Plastic Forests became the first company globally to commercialise a unique dry-cleaning process to recycle soft plastics, without using water or chemicals. Soft plastics (or plastic films) are lightweight and voluminous, and hence notoriously difficult to collect and recycle. Used soft plastics pose an even greater challenge due to their contamination with organic food residues, dirt and hay etc. In Australia, there are few options for used soft plastics other than dumping it in landfill. We sought to develop a better solution to this worldwide environmental problem through our innovative recycling technology.

Today, Plastic Forests transforms used soft plastics into resin and our sustainable range of recycled GreenMongrel garden products such as garden beds, garden edging, stakes and root barrier. We also manufacture a growing range of commercial, agricultural and infrastructure products including fence posts, cable cover, dunnage and air-con mounting blocks.

Our goal is to ‘keep plastic as plastic, at its highest level’ and in the process make the world a better place.

We recycle soft plastics from the

Currently, there is a waiting list for receiving plastic films. 

But you can be fast-tracked if you buy back the tonnage you send to us.

Food Industry

Agricultural Industry

Plastic Forests Recycling Plastic Film


Woven Polypropylene

Food Industry

Plastic Forest Recycling Plastic Film

Agricultural Industry


Plastic Forests Recycling Plastic Film

Woven Polypropylene

Some Of Our Recycling Customers

Plastic Forest Customers

Types Of Plastic We Recycle


High Density Polyethylene


Low Density Polyethylene


Linear Low Density Polyethylene



Plastic Forest Recycling

Our Awards

Our Location

Our recycling super-site in Albury positions us to service customers across the east coast of Australia.

Plastic Forests 21 Union Road, North Albury 2640

 Recycling soft plastics into sustainable plastic products 


NSW Government Grant Plastic Forests

Plastic Forests is a recipient of a grant from the Environmental Trust as part of the NSW EPA’s ‘Waste Less Recycle More’ $802 million initiative.

This initiative is funded from the waste levy and aims to improve the management of waste and promote recycling innovation.