Silage Wrap Recycling

Plastic Forests recycles and remanufactures used silage wrap into a wide range of durable recycled products such as fence posts, poly sheet, square pickets and heavy duty garden edging.

We provide farmers, local councils, Landcare Australia and the agricultural industry with a sustainable alternative to burying, burning or landfilling this finite resource, whilst creating a circular economy for these used soft plastics.

Silage film will ONLY be received free of charge, when presented in Plastic Forests Collection Bags. These clear, UV stable collection bags can be purchased below.

All other loads (i.e loads not presented in a Plastic Forests Collection Bag) must PRE-PAY the appropriate drop off / recycling fee.

We no longer accept polypropylene twine unless it is in a separate Plastic Forests Collection Bag which has previously been purchased. As the market has collapsed for PP twine, we can no longer receive polypropylene twine from new customers.

AcceptedNot Accepted
Silage wrap / film - NOT ON ROLLSSilage mesh/netting, Silage pit covers or Silage wrap on rolls
Mulch film or Polypropylene twine
Woven PP feed bags or Grain bags
Polypropylene (PP) bulka bags
Multi-laminate films
PVDC, nylon or polyseter
Drums, black Poly Pipe, dripper tubes or hard plastics
PVC & HDPE tarpaulins
Aluminium foil lined films


  • If  storing used silage wrap in bags/bin liners, use only Plastic Forests clear, UV stable, Collection Bags (available for purchase HERE).  Includes  free drop off at our recycling facility.
  • Do not use black plastic bags as they will be rejected at drop off.
  • Do not mix film & twine together as they will be rejected at drop off.
  • If you pack silage wrap into bulka bags you will have to cut and empty them yourself and take the used bulka bag with you.
  • Shake off dirt and moisture before bagging. A little hay is OK, but no rocks, steel, dirt or dead furry animals!
  • If you tie off the collection bags, please use PP twine or a cable tie – do not use wire!
  • Keep the filled bags dry – inside or undercover if possible.
  • Baling may be required for efficient transportation to our recycling facility.
  • Pre-pay your load before drop off  (if not using Plastic Forests Collection Bags) and bring your receipt with you.
  • Check opening times before dropping off your used silage wrap.


If the silage wrap is packed in Plastic Forests Collection Bags, simply bring the material to our facility during the opening hours below. There is no drop off fee. Please note that the purchase of  Collection Bags does NOT include transportation to our recycling facility.

If your silage wrap is not packed in Plastic Forests Collection Bags, please PRE-PAY the appropriate  drop off/recycling fee. Then bring the material to our facility during the opening times below and present your receipt to staff.

Upon arrival at Plastic Forests, please enter the driveway and proceed to the rear (southern end) of the main shed. Toot your horn 3 times and a staff member will assist you. Dropping off material outside stated Opening Hours will not be possible.


21 Union Rd, North Albury. There are no other drop off locations.


Monday: 11am – 6pm

Tuesday:  7:30am – 5:30pm

Wednesday:  7:30am – 5:30pm

Thursday: 7:30am – 2pm

Friday to Sunday: Closed