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Our Heavy Duty Root Barrier is the thickest root barrier sheet on the market in Australia, minimising the damaging effects of tree roots to pavements, foundations, driveways, roads and pipes. It acts as a continuous 3mm thick physical barrier against bamboo, established trees and other roots.

Heavy Duty Root Barrier is tough, flexible and virtually indestructible – it will never rot, rust, splinter or crack. Plus it’s 90% Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) formulation is more resistant to brittleness and Environmental Stress Cracking than those made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).

To advance the circular economy and sustainability for the farming community, our Silage Grey product is made from 100% farm plastics, such as silage wrap.

Heavy Duty Root Barrier is suitable for use as a barrier to a wide range of roots including: grass, mint, bamboo, monkey grass, palm trees, weeping willow, bermuda grass, knotweed, raspberries, ficus and pine trees.

GreenMongrel Heavy Duty Root Barrier is:

  • A solid 3mm thick product (not a thin embossed sheet from peak to trough)
  • UV stabilised and weatherproof
  • Made from over 90% LDPE blended recycled plastic for improved resistance to Environmental Stress Cracking (ESC)

“… lower density polymers offer better resistance to Environmental Stress Cracking”  than sheet products made from HDPE. (See link below)

  • Strong and durable – will not rot, rust, crack or split
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Impermeable barrier against moisture loss
  • Fungus and bacteria resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Made in Australia from  100% recycled plastic, including farm plastics
  • Recyclable
  • For big jobs you can use a automatic trencher like this

Heavy Duty Root Barrier Specifications:

  • 3mm x 300mm (h) x 12m roll – Black – 12.5 kg per roll (approx)
  • 3mm x 600mm (h) x 12m roll – Black – 25kg per roll (approx)
  • Longer lengths available to order for commercial or Council customers (due to heavyweight)
  • Up to 725mm wide, different colours

Disclaimer: This product is designed as a barrier to tree roots. However, due to variations in tree species, soil and site conditions, Plastic Forests takes no responsibility for liabilities caused by root growth or use of this product.




If you have any further questions about our Green Mongrel Heavy Duty Root Barrier please CONTACT US HERE.

The pricing in the drop down box excludes any delivery fees, which are added according to your location.  

Black 300mm high $124.99 per 12m roll including GST (plus delivery).

Black 600mm high $229.99 per 12m roll including GST (plus delivery).

Bulk discounts available.


Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions N/A

Black 300mm x 12m, Black 600mm x 12m, Dark Green 300mm x 12m, Dark Green 600mm x 12m

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