Heavy Duty Recycled Plastic Garden / Lawn Edging (5mm thick) Black


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Our 5mm Heavy Duty Garden Edging is the thickest roll on the market. It is strong, flexible and ideal for edging paths, trees, garden beds, borders, driveways, swales, fence lines and lawns. It is also suitable for use as formwork or in horse arenas.

Our Heavy Duty Garden Edging Kit allows a variety of straight or curved designs to be produced, creating a crisp, clean look by highlighting the features in your garden. It also prevents grass from invading garden beds and keeps soil, pebbles and mulch inside garden borders for a neat appearance.

GreenMongrel solid, Garden Edging Pegs are designed to complement and support the Garden Edging, if desired. Pegs are easy to install by hammering into the ground on one or both sides of the Garden Edging.

GreenMongrel™ Heavy Duty Garden Edging is:

  • Virtually indestructible – Will not rot, rust, swell, splinter or crack
  • A strong barrier against escaping roots at 5mm thick (approx.)
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Waterproof and UV stabilised for long life
  • Easily installed and maintenance free
  • Made in Australia from 100% recycled post-consumer soft plastics, in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 14021
  • Recyclable at end of life
  • Ideal for edging garden beds, lawns, paths, trees, driveways, swales, borders and fence lines. Also suitable for horse arenas or formwork.
  • Perfect to use with our solid recycled GreenMongrel Garden Edging Pegs.
  • Colour: Black

Our Heavy Duty Garden Edging is available in a range of standard sizes: 

  • 75mm x 10m
  • 75mm x 25m
  • 100mm x 10m
  • 100mm x 25m
  • 150mm x 10m
  • 150mm x 25m
  • 200mm x 10m
  • 200mm x 20m
  • 300mm x 15m

Edging your lawn couldn’t be easier with our Heavy Duty Garden Edging!

NOTE: All plastic will expand and contract with changes in temperature, approximately 1% of the cut length. If no allowance is made for this during installation, the garden edging may buckle or lift out of the ground. For example, a 5m length will expand/contract approximately 50mm, so overlap the edging 25mm at each end to allow the ends to slide past each other. Please see Installation Instructions for further details.

TIPS RE PEGS: More pegs are required to install garden edging in soft, sandy soils than in hard, clay soils. If a large proportion of the garden edging is buried in the ground, fewer pegs are required. Our 5mm thick garden edging requires far fewer pegs than the 3mm garden edging. With 5mm garden edging, if the soil is hard and over 50% of the edging is buried, very few pegs are needed, if at all.

Edging expansion and contraction from a conditioned 20 deg C to 42 deg C is approximately 0.6%


For example:

10-metre roll length will expand + 60mm

20-metre roll will expand + 120mm

25-metre roll will expand + 150mm

50-metre roll will expand + 300mm


That is why we recommend cutting and overlapping the sheet ends.

Please click on the links to see our Green Mongrel range of Garden Beds, Heavy Duty Garden Edging Kits,  Garden Edging and Garden Edging Pegs.

If you have any further questions about Green Mongrel Heavy Duty Garden Edging please CONTACT US.

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