Larger waste-producing outlets in Perisher and Charlotte Pass resorts will now be recycling soft plastics.
NPWS Perisher has purchased a soft plastics baler, with help from the EPA Bin Trim Funding Program.
At times such as early winter when new stock arrives, soft plastics can contribute up to 20% of the total waste
going to landfill. These include shrink wrap, plastic bags, poly wrapping and drinks soft packaging.
This soft plastic will now be baled and stored before being transported to Albury to be made into a variety of
useful products by the local company PlasticForests.
Soft plastics are a major source of environmental pollution throughout the world. Plastic cannot
biodegrade; it breaks down into smaller pieces and accumulates in the environment. Wildlife including fish
can reycle ♴ ♶ ♷ HDPE LDPE PP and birds are threatened by ingesting and becoming entangled in plastics. Plastic particles accumulate in
landfill where toxic chemicals may seep into groundwater and downstream water sources. Microplastics are ingested by vast numbers of marine species, enabling
toxins to enter our food chain. Soft plastics recycling is commencing in larger outlets first to reduce the risk of contamination with other non-recyclable materials. In the longer term, it is hoped to roll out soft-plastics recycling right across the resorts.