Have you bought a new car or moved house and need to change the position of your Mini Wheel Stop?

No problem! Simply remove the Mini Wheel Stop and stick it to your garage floor in its new position, using our approved Replacement Adhesive Tape.

Our heavy duty Replacement Adhesive Tape uses a strong acrylic adhesive which has been thoroughly tested and approved for use with your Mini Wheel Stop. The Replacement Adhesive Tape is double sided for easy application to the Mini Wheel Stop and your garage floor.

Please follow all instructions carefully when installing your Mini Wheel Stop in its new position. Remove the tan backing strip and press the adhesive tape firmly to the Mini Wheel Stop before removing the instruction label and sticking the Mini Wheel Stop to your garage floor. Ensure the arrow on the end of the Mini Wheel Stop is pointing towards your car tyre. Comprehensive ‘Installation’ and ‘Removal Instructions’ may be found on the links below.

Please note: The item and pricing below is for the Replacement Adhesive Tape only.

Click HERE or go to the Mini Wheel Stop product page if you would like to purchase a complete Mini Wheel Stop (which includes adhesive tape).

If you have any further questions about our Green Mongrel Mini Wheel Stops please CONTACT US HERE.

The pricing in the drop down box excludes delivery and handling fees.