GreenMongrel Path Edging Pegs are ideal for providing additional support for our Path Edging and Garden Edging as well as a range of outdoor applications. They are solid, long lasting, termite-free and will never rot, crack or splinter. These extra heavy duty pegs are made in Australian from 100% recycled plastic, so they’re great for our environment and the circular economy.

GreenMongrel Path Edging is suitable for many edging applications including along paths, driveways, playgrounds, gardens, lawns and tree surrounds.

GreenMongrel Path Edging Pegs are:

  • Solid, strong and durable – long lifespan
  • Splinter free! Will not rot, crack, split or rust
  • Waterproof and termite proof
  • UV stabilised for long life and virtually maintenance free
  • Extra heavy duty
  • High impact resistance
  • Non-toxic and chemical free – unlike CCA treated timber
  • Made in Australia from 100% recycled plastic
  • Ideal for seaside, rural and urban environments
  • Sustainable and recyclable at end of life

Specifications (each):
300mm (h) x 60mm (w) x 30mm (d) (nominal). Weight: 400 grams (approx).

Colour: Black
Available individually or in packs of 6,10,20,30 or 50 Pegs.

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