Recycled Dunnage Plastic Forests

GreenMongrel™ plastic Dunnage is durable, re-usable and tough, making it an affordable, low trip-cost alternative to timber. Its unique I shape results in a strong, light weight and easy to hold product (minus the splinters!)  Plus it’s made in Australia from 100% recycled plastic rescued from landfill, so it’s great for our environment.

We especially love to create circular economies by reprocessing your company’s used soft plastics into your own long life Dunnage (complete with corporate branding for ultimate eco-cred!)

GreenMongrel™ Dunnage is suitable for a wide range of transport and storage applications. Sometimes called gluts, blocks or pack spacers, our synthetic dunnage provides clearance for forklift tines to lift goods safely and provides a stable base for goods once on the ground or truck bed. It may also be used as a packing material to support and secure goods during freight or shipping.

GreenMongrel™ Dunnage is:

  • Durable, strong and re-useable, with a long lifespan
  • Affordable – low trip cost
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic diverted from landfill
  • Independently NATA tested for coefficient of friction, compressive strength and compressive stress (see Specifications below)
  • Splinter-free! Will not rot, crack, split or rust
  • Waterproof and termite proof
  • Easily cleaned and hygienic – no mould or dust issues
  • Impervious to moisture, fuels, oils and most common chemicals
  • Export compliant – no wood flour
  • Non-toxic and chemical free! – unlike CCA treated timber
  • A sustainable product for a circular economy
  • Recyclable at end of life

The unique I shape provides:

  • Engineered strength
  • Easy grip
  • Consistency in size, weight and strength
  • Lighter weight than most plastic and some timber dunnage, for lower freight costs
  • Textured top and bottom for increased surface friction

Dunnage Options:

  • Embossed corporate branding for easy identification and marketing
  • Custom widths and lengths
  • Custom colours
  • Class 1 reflective tape or fluro sticker on the end for high visibility

GreenMongrel™ Dunnage I-90 sizes:

  • Standard nominal dimensions: 90mm (w) x 90mm (h)
  • Available in a range of lengths from 300mm to 1500mm (see Specifications below)

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    Dunnage must be always used in a capital I orientation and be placed onto a stable, suitable, non-slip floor or surface before use ● For use on flat surfaces only ● Ensure all surfaces are free of loose materials such as dirt, oils etc. ● Ensure the load is spread over the whole surface area of the dunnage ● Not to be used for point to point loading. ● Ensure that the surface can carry the intended load ● Ensure that there is no visible damage to the dunnage and that the surface has not lost is rough, sanded appearance. If the dunnage is damaged or worn please return to Plastic Forests for re-sanding or recycling at end of life ● Not to be used for steel pipes or smooth surfaced steel  ● Always perform your own risk assessment before using this product ● Always know the weight being supported ● Never exceed the maximum loading ● Copies of Technical Data Sheets available upon request ●Under no circumstances does the maximum loading mentioned above take into consideration point loading or uneven weight distribution of the supported load. ** NOT TO BE USED FOR SUPPORTING MOBILE PLANT AND EQUIPMENT**