Green Mongrel Recycled Plastic Resin
Green Mongrel Recycled Plastic Resin
Green Mongrel Plastic Resin

Plastic Forests manufactures a range of recycled, high quality, polyethene (PE) resins including  Low Density (LDPE), Linear Low-Density (LLDPE)  and High-Density (HDPE).

  • These PE resins are suitable for extrusion, film (+50 microns) and pipe applications
  • Different filter sizes are available (down to 120 microns)
  • Black, jazz, green, yellow and opaque coloured resin is available
  • The resin is packaged in bulka bags only
  • For exporting 22,000kg can be loaded into a 40-foot container
  • The resin is made in an Erema.
  • Australian Certificate of Orign documentation available
Resin TypeColoursTypical Melt Flow Index (MFI)
LDPEJazz, Black, Yellow or Opaque2g/10min
LLDPEBlack or Green1g/10min

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