Plastic Forests’ Tongue & Groove Boards are solid, tough & durable. They are made from 100% recycled soft PE (polyolefin) plastic that will not swell, rot, split, rust or splinter.

The interlocking tongue & groove design enables a safe, sturdy and impact resistant panel or wall to be created. The boards are maintenance free, waterproof, termite proof and do not support the growth of bacteria, fungus or mould.

Ideal for equine applications as the boards are not readily chewed (like timber), never need painting, are noise deadening and do not make a hollow noise if kicked. Tongue & Groove Boards are easy to screw, nail, drill or saw like timber.

Boards are available in black and dark green for a stylish, practical and long-lasting wall solution. Each board measures 150mm (h) x 35mm (w) in lengths up to 1.8m.

Tongue & Groove Boards are suitable for a wide range of indoor wall applications including stable panels, animal stalls, divider partitions and arena safety walls. Perfect for equestrian centres, horse studs & hobby farms. Not suitable for decking, structural or spanning applications.

Plastic Forests’ Tongue & Groove Boards are made in Albury, Australia from recycled plastics including farm plastics for a sustainable product that supports the circular farm economy.

Tongue & Groove Boards are:

  • Easy to assemble into panels with interconnecting tongue & groove design
  • Durable – Will not rot, rust, swell, splinter or crack
  • Waterproof and termite proof
  • UV stabilised for long life
  • CCA chemical free
  • Noise deadening
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy to screw, nail (with a twist shank nail), drill or saw like timber
  • Made in Australia from 100% recycled plastic
  • Recyclable at end of life
  • Ideal for  a range of equine and farm indoor applications including stable panels, animal stalls, divider partitions and arena safety walls.

Tongue & Groove Board is available in a range of standard sizes: 

  • 150mm (h) x 35mm (w) (approx)
  • Board lengths (mm): Up to 1,800mm
  • Colour: Black and Dark Green
  • Weight: 8.8kg plm or 59kg psm (approx)


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